You are looking at a mirror

You are looking at a mirror

You probably and most likely look at yourself in the mirror everyday. You know what to expect, to see your reflection. You move your arm and ….see it’s reflection in the mirror, you smile and once again you see what you expect. But, what would you think if the actions you posted, were not reflected in the mirror? What’s wrong with this mirror? is this mirror broken? No, it’s not.
ok, ok, so what am I talking about here?

This Physical life we see is the mirror and you are your thoughts. Most of have experienced this… What we think is a broken mirror, but in fact there is only a delay in the mirror. You see, when we have frivolous thoughts of should, could and would; they never manifest. Why? We pose in the mirror for a second but before you can see the pose in the mirror you switch your position and change your pose over and over again. But, I also know on some and important decisions you have held that pose and you have seen the reflection in the mirror. What I’m trying to convey here is an understanding and a useful tool you can use in your life, to see ….what you want to see in your mirror.
You must find a good if not a great reason; to hold the pose of what you want to see in the mirror. If there is no reason or a good one to hold a pose in the mirror; you will not have the will or even give effort to hold a pose for a while.
If you have a purpose to maintain a pose, even when it may become difficult to hold that pose; you will have had a great reason and purpose to hold it. You will see the reflection in the mirror. Your thoughts, your goal and your hopes will come to pass if you believe. There will be a delay, but if you hold that pose for a while you will see it in the mirror.




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