Weight loss Transformation-interview with Brian H. Part2

Weight loss Transformation-interview with Brian H. Part2

on to part two of Brian’s exciting interview.

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Full transcription below.

I actually got depressed a little bit
Cuz you started thinking
Oh i’m a be dieting i’m a look like the guys on tv
And or i’m a look like the guys on instagram or snapchat
Um what inspires me
Or what inspired you as well through the journey
To keep going and doing this
Umm there a lot of people
Umm there a lot of people that I’ve started picking up a lot of smart knowledgeable people
that are starting to inspire me


I’ve heard stories of other people from me everybody hears our stories everybody sees them you see everybody’s Miracles and stuff on TV and stuff
and then you’re like wow that’s good for them or maybe that’s cheating that’s Photoshop
but then if you do research you actually find real life people
That actually have done it and then you actually meet them in person and talk to them
I Follow a lot of people on Snapchat for inspiration
everyday they’re going to the gym
everyday they’re breaking down rebuilding muscle
and their constantly pushing knowledge out there on healthy tips or healthy diets for this
and that just the knowledge that ok they’re doing that
and I could put that in my practice and I can make myself better
and if you can do what if you can make yourself better
even in one thing a day that’s an accomplishment
One thing a day
One thing a day
You can learn something totally new
or if you took something Old and you learn how to make it better that’s an accomplishment
and that’s the whole thing you want to make yourself better every single day
So inspired by those that have went through the journeys
Or are pursuing the things you want to pursue
But the journey I went through anybody can do it
it takes first you have mentally prepared
that is the biggest thing is I think everybody fails on
you have to be mentally prepared
physically come second


You know body tired that’s ok
but the drive to keep going is all in your mind

to be focused you have to be mentally prepared hundred percent a time
Ok so that’s the advice mentally prepare
How can you or how can you
what do you mean by that
And can you give an example of being mentally prepared
Um ok mentally Prepared
I go I get up I go to work
and if it’s a rough day at work or it’s an easy day at work it’s okay to just a day
and when I prepare myself to the gym you know everybody
everybody probably does like a pre-workout or or or some people have a cup of coffee
Or people that are barely getting into it don’t know about those helpers
Ok getting the tools that you need to get
Getting tools are a big thing to help you get mentally focused
And that’s for like the gym
But if you’re trying to get mentally focused for a life-changing
you actually need it like sit down in a quiet room and talk to yourself
Get to a quiet room and talk to yourself
Pretty much go on a drive
drive with the radio off
with the window down
I just have the wind hit you
And just open clear your mind
Just clear your mind
Just look at just tell yourself
Talk to yourself
I talk to myself all the time
At work i’m like who’s that
But it’s ok
just talk to yourself
Ok i can relate though ok
it sounds funny but your
your conscious and you have self-conscious and stuff like that
You’ll make an answer you’ll get an answer
You’ll get an answer somehow right


You’ll get an answer somehow
Or you tell it these are my accomplishments and there will be arguments against that
Of what you want to accomplishment
you can’t do this
it was easier just sitting back and eating potato chips watching TV
it was
It was
It’s easy to do that
You’ll have all these mental battles ok
So now we’re getting into some interesting stuff you’ll have these mental battles and
Yeah mental battles would be the big one
And Even before you start doing physical stuff
a physical battle
is time management battle then
Now you have to manage your time
To prepare the food
Prepare the food
Prepare your workout
Um time management is 100% everybody
everybody in the world
and you have to make your time count
automatically everybody’s got 8 hours out of their time for work
Or what they say everyone’s got 24 hours in a day right
everyone has 24 hours in a day
and you and the average person has like 5 hours after work
sleep maybe dinner your down to 4 hours
And not if you work overtime at work you know
Okay so mentally preparation for someone undergoing their
Journey did the way that you did okay
Um how do you think this journey has changed you as a person
Its changed a lot
Its alot
Do you believe you are a whole other person
I do
I am a completely Different person
I can actually get up now for my bed without being winded
I can bend down and tie my shoes
instead of being all funny looking
struggling even to tie your shoes
Just struggles
Dude Losing 50 pound even 50 pounds
You can totally tell the difference in your joints the way you get up
The way you sit down
yeah because half the time when you’re bigger just everyday things are a struggle


And now you’ve noticed the difference its like its not even it’s a no brainer
Just ok I’m just tying my shoes
Life becomes a bit more easy
And when your that big you kinda really don’t think about it
You kinda just live the motion
You just live with it
After you initially started like with your diet
Then You actually started to exercise
Oh and I will tell you some struggles
So On my journey with the diet I started to become no one has a scale Warrior
Okay a scale warrior
when I first saw the 20 lb drop in a month
That was
But it’s a motivation type when you’re in that situation
It is
So I started to become a scale Warrior
okay I’m going to keep this up here we’ll keep doing the same old same old
nothing changed yet and then every every every two weeks
Its like let me jump on the scale
Let me jump on the scale
That a pound ok
Every two weeks that’s a pound
And then it was motivation to see that weight drop
And that was a big motivation
but then I came to a point I hit I hit a roadblock

and I was down I was down a hundred pounds down I was 200 lb
I was like yeah
But then i hit a roadblock
I lost all my muscle mass
Lost the fat and the muscle
I lost the fat I lost the muscle andThe skin slouched
Ok so you had excess skin
I had a lot of excess skin
Ok so that’s important to know as well for someone undergoing this type of journey
Yes when you lose weight you’re not going to be a big anymore
and your skin is going to be loose on your frame
And when I hit that Plateau when I found that out
I actually got depressed a little bit
Cuz you start thinking
Oh i’m a be dieting i’m a look like the guys on tv
And or i’m a look like the guys on instagram or snapchat
You start getting all
Then when you get to yeah I got down on weight
But wait my body doesn’t look like those people
My body doesn’t look like that
And then you get kinda and that’s when a little depression hits
So don’t feel bad dont get depressed when you hit that plateau
because you know I won’t lie to you I hit it
I got depressed like man why don’t i just start eating again
You know

I can fill this back and i’d be round again be normal
And my skin will not be loose around my body
My skin won’t be loose
I actually could pull my gut probably a good 6 inches away from my torso
I won’t lie to you
like that
And even to this day
if I try to do a push-up or something
I can get my stomach to droop prolly about you know about 4 inches 5 inches away from my frame
To this day
Then I knew
I knew I couldn’t get depressed about it
I knew I had to do a rapid weight loss just to get the weight down
to just get you to get your rest of the rest of your system going you’re able to breathe
you were able to breathe right now
Yeah i could actually start breathing better
I didn’t feel like my chest was as heavy anymore
And this was a what how many pounds do you think from 300 down to
I hit about 200
200 when I finally realized
That’s a whole hundred pounds that you had lost
A whole hundred pounds And I had realized
Thats muscle and fat that you lost
Muscle and fat
That was the bad part
I lost the weight to fast but I was so big
I kind of needed
Needed to get down
to lose it that fast for health reasons
but since we got the breathing under control
then last year we started we got a gym membership
at the first of the year like like everybody’s New Year’s resolution
Everybody’s got that new years resolution
Hu huh
So I got a gym membership

And i’m like ok
if ima make this from a habit
To a lifestyle
I gotta do it for 30 days straight
so the body gets on a routine
so we did it
and I wasn’t alone in on this
I had
my significant other saw my transformation and she was getting jealous
and she’s
she’s getting jealous about the weight I was losing
and she’s getting kind of jealous
Yeah the changes that you were undergoing
Yeah she’s like wow
Why is he doing this
Why is he doing this
What’s happening
I told her why I was doing it
You know
because of my breathing problem
and I was scared about it and y’all a lot of people a lot of guys won’t tell you what they’re scared of
And me just trying to survive on machine is scary to me
Yeah you didn’t want to live that way
I didn’t want to live that way
Yeah I know people that are
I know people same age as me and their sleeping with a cpap machine pumping air into them when they sleep
And how old are you now
I’m 26 now
26 now and you started here so up 2 year journey
2 year journey yes
so round 24 years old
Uh huh
I’m still I’m still young
when I when the gears finally clicked in that i need to do something
Some people don’t click in until their into like their 30s and 40s
and some may never click
and but yeah
Wherever you are at its always a good time to start
Yea there’s no bad time to start
There’s no bad time
So she started joining the journey as well
She started joining
A journey of her own
She joined her own Journey you know
I put down stepping stones to my path and she kind of caught on to a stone
and that inspired her
so she wanted to make herself better
So we both started going to the gym now

Monday to sunday honestly
Even on the weekends
7 days a week
7 days a week for 30 days
Somehow some way alright
After those thirty days it’s like boom
Its automatic
Automatic lifestyle now
You learn how to manage the time and
So we’ve been going to the gym for a year
and then I am not doing the ketosis diet anymore
cuz when I was on a diet I learn different ways to eat
how to integrate more protein and minor carbs like a normal person
instead of pounding
Pounding away
Pounding away four sandwiches or like you know a bag of potato chips
Yeah you know
thinking potato chips was 1 whole meal
That’s one meal
Or food management oh like
I ate a sandwich of an hour ago
and then your mom was like Hey dinner is ready
okay let’s eat again
Instead of eating like three or four meals
like that
Back to back high carbs high fat
High carbs high fat
No protein
No protein
okay so you pretty much come to some sort of
flexible type dieting that whenever you need to
you know
shift your diet or your focus on your diet then you are able to manage it that way
That’s what it seems like
yeah after I got to a good weight
I’m not light
like the doctor wants me
I’m a little more on the heavier side
But i’m trying to put on more muscle mass

Considering the muscle you had lost
I lost a lot of muscle
As anyone can tell you
it’s much more difficult to gain muscle than it is to
To lose fat
You can lose muscle in a heartbeat
Yeah lose muscle lose fat
But it’s hard to gain that muscle or new muscle
anything else
that I didn’t ask you that you wish i could have asked you
Um no you hit a lot of points
Hopefully I answered all the questions that a you liked
Or did i answer any question that you didn’t
Oh no yeah we’ve answer them
I mean we are all deeply inspired
I know a lot of people um saw a post
and we’ll have to have that as well
before and after pictures of you
Yeah well have before and after pictures
Well have a couple of clips of some routine exercises I do
you guys will see me without a jacket
You can actually see
Now on your muscle building journey
I’m on a muscle building journey
Maybe we’ll have
So you’ve shifted the focus now
and now you’re on a muscle building Journey
yup try to pull the skin back
Where it belongs
That’s a different battle trying to figure out a way for the loose skin
Yeah losing weight is easy
The depression part is the skin
Yeah ok
That’s a different battle
Maybe you’ll see me again
Yeah we might see you again
We might do a follow up interview
On your Muscle building Journey
Yeah never know
thank you very much for your time
no problem

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