How I lost 100 pounds-interview with Brian H.

How I lost 100 pounds-interview with Brian H.

How do you go about losing one hundred pounds?
Where do you even start?
I sat down with Brian Hernandez and learned what it took to lose that amount of weight.

But first here are some before photos of Brian.

Full transcription below.

And now here’s Brian working out

Today we have Brian Hernandez here
Hello Brian and uh
I was deeply intrigued by his transformation journey i think it was 300 pounds plus and he’s managed to drop lost of weight within what would you say about
About 2 years
About 2 years time
I started my journey at about 2 years
So um today we want to hear your story and the journey that you’ve been through
So without further ado tell us um how did you begin this journey
I began this journey when i started work
I couldn’t keep up with the other employees there cuz they were a lot more fit than I was
And I thought I couldn’t do this job
And then I went to the doctors
Took a physical cuz its mandatory for the job I wanted to do
And I went through all the test regular physical
and I told him I was having some breathing problems at night and then
And then okay so put you on the machine will test it out so
We did a sleep test on me at the hospital and it came up right
I don’t breathe and they like you are extremely high so
you’re going to need a breathing machine to sleep
to help you sleep if not used to your stop breathing that and you could have case and die you probably could die when you’re older
You got to have a machine to breathe you could stop breathing at night
And that was due to the fact that I was obese
So and I was tired I was working
So when I found out I needed a machine
to help me breathe at night that scared me
And I’m like I don’t want a machine to rely on to help me breathe at night
That just kind of scares me cuz i don’t like medical things like that
So that scared me
So I started looking how people started to diet
And I’m like ok so
Cuz I used to eat from a taco truck like like all these guys
Like the rest of the crew
Rest of the crew
Lunch truck came up everybody got burritos, tacos, gatorades and sodas
So I’m like im not going to do that anymore
So I started bringing a protein shake
And as time went on that I helped
and I’ve gotten better at work and I wasn’t
I was getting more rest now cuz I can start breathing at night
But that was just the beginning of my journey
I didn’t really get into it
until I got some advice from a friend and then
which is you
And then you started talking to me and showing me other things
on dieting and you told me your story
on how you were big at one point and then you transformed your body
so I took some of your information
I took your knowledge and then I pursued it
with my own goals and my own research
and then I found out different ways to modify it
for my personal use because everybody’s different
And then I started different diets and different protocols
The famous diet I love is ketosis
Ketosis is a wonderful thing
Famous Ketosis
and with that did allow me to open my doors
and open up different ways of dieting
that I never learned
I was never taught to diet as well
that was another problem
of me getting so big I was never taught to eat the right way
Okay okay
you know Mom made the food
you ate the food
Yeah go ahead and tell us about um your childhood
Now that you are touching on that subject was it was it that, that started you know
That might have started my way of getting big
So you didn’t know how to eat
I didn’t really know how to eat
Everyone had an old style way of eating
Because back in the day you worked
And everything got modernized and easier
So when I was little mom made food you ate the food
and then
when you’re a little sometimes
in my family you couldn’t leave the table when your plate was clean
until your plate was clean
You weren’t allowed
Your not even allowed
You gotta eat your vegetables
Take a rest and continue
And that was portion size
I can relate
You know and you don’t know the portion cuz you’re a little kid
And you know mom just going to feed you
so she’s just made you a nice little plate
Its like here you go
she wants you to grow up healthy
She wants you to grow up healthy she wants the best
And there’s nothing wrong with that
And then but the thing is
you continue that through your whole life
and then you start getting older your metabolism changes
and then when start hitting puberty eating that way is good
Yeah then you stop growing at a certain level
and then but you still continue eating that way
You continue eating that way
and then then you get older and get money and then you start grabbing junk
Its like its ok you know I eat this and eat this
You know I’ll eat a hamburger here
Ice cream oh twinkies
And then it starts to blow out of proportion
And you don’t know any better because
You never were taught
You were taught everything from the past
so then go back from the future
I changed my eating ways and now it’s the hardest thing to
was acknowledging I was eating everything wrong and Portion controls
there was no gauge into how much you were supposed to eat or
No, no there’s no gauges
no kind of guidelines
No kind of guidelines
None at all
Eat when you’re hungry and eating the wrong things
Definitely eating the wrong things
You know
Which would probably produce you to be hungry again
Like a couple hours later an hour later
Yeah and furthering my research
From some guidance
You know I learned
On a carb based diet
you know your body gets he likes it
and then you eat it
but then if your body is predominantly carbs
you get hungry again just as fast
Ok, ok
and when you start a ketosis diet
the famous ketosis diet it’s backwards
I was always self-conscious of my body when I went swimming
even at my own house we got a pool in my backyard
I will swim with my shirt on
because I wasn’t comfortable with my own body
You know even if it was just mom, dad, sister
I would still swim in the pool with my shirt on
Cuz i didn’t like my body
And I didn’t think anything of it you know I’ve seen other relatives do the same thing at the lake
Yeah yeah yeah
And now you can relate and you’re like oh this I mean this is why right
So but yeah that didn’t really bug me
Their doing it it’s okay
you know but but what really scared me was the fact that I stopped breathing at night
And that’s something I can’t control
And the body breathing is
thats with your nervous system
You don’t tell your body to breathe
It naturally does it
Mm mm
At a certain point you body is
Nope we’re not going to breathe anymore
And then you have no control of it
None at all
And then you have to put a machine on
So all these things were were pretty much it got to the point where you are like
I really have to do something about this
Yeah it all just bundled up until it just hit me
You know what
I got to do something
You started having some sort of medical issue and youre like
Ok now I really have to do something
Yes I have to do something
Now What were what were some of the obstacles that you had to go through
Once you decided what were that Obstacles
pretty much the one of the things that I can call
that I can recall now is
figuring out how to eat right
Huh huh
So the biggest thing I was gonna do
a lot of people start with just exercise
a lot of peoples like no you want to start the diet first
People are like no just try some pills
Caffeine pills the easy way
Just take this pill and forget about everything else
Live the same way that you’re living
Pretty much
Which doesn’t work
Yeah it doesn’t work
I does
but you have to help it
Yeah, yeah
You have to help it a lot
It’s an addition to the steps you’re already doing
Um I start
I know people start in different spots
if they can start at a spot and continue on their knowledge
and keep pushing on that’s good
I started with my eating I knew that was my problem
with eating cuz I didn’t know how to eat right
so is my struggle was reteaching myself from scratch
On how to eat
How did you manage to do that wait
Explain that
How can you get some detail on that
Oh yeah
So obviously I knew of the bat
Everybody knows
Eating burritos every day
Eating mickey D’s every day that’s not healthy
Everybody knows that
Automatically ok junk food that’s out
Then you start thinking that you’re brainwashed to
cuz the TV and stuff I got to eat salad or I all I can eat is fruit
And all I can eat is this
But all that aside all that is jungled up information
Right because
OK and the point I’m trying to get to
excuse if I’m prying too much
Its cool
but it seems that
we all know right, what we should be doing
but we don’t do it so
how did you get to the point where
you made yourself do it
or you know
what would have maybe some strategies or tips or tricks that kind of helped you along the way
to start knowing what is what is right and going for it
I can probably dip into it
But it’s gonna be kind of confusing
But i will try my best
Ok so going forth with all this knowledge
I knew and from research that ketosis with a great way
to reset your body reset your hormones reset your eating
it’s a good Baseline the start and everybody’s got different types of diets but that’s
a primal state which we used to live on
and not be the best way to make everything homeostasis
so I looked at up and I’m like okay I can do this
everything on this list for this diet I eat already
I got a couple things out
Mm mm
And I can do that
So starting on the journey it was good
But then you figure out well I really want that
But its not toward that
Then you’re like its ok
But then you find
For me to like stop that
I had to look in deeper into more research
Ok ok
So like if you do the research on ketosis
You can’t have any carbs or you want to keep your carb count really really low
so your liver can produce ketones
and that’s what the whole ketosis diet it’s all about
And that’s how I started my journey
Granted I do a lot more things now
But for that
it’s cravings your body doesn’t know what it wants anymore
cuz you’re trying to teach to eat something else
And then
But I did some more research on it
And then I found out I can do this
but I’m going to have to make it
Nothing in the store
And that’s what kind of helped me
Push me along
Through this dieting and learning how to lose weight
was more knowledge I needed more knowledge
to fortify your pursuit of okay
so the drive was I need to get healthier
and the reason the other reason is I want to lose this weight
it was
And because of you maybe reminding yourself those goals
you pretty much found a way to to get to that point or continue
so I started It out
You know everybody kind of has their doubts when their getting into some kind of diet
Everybody does
But you really don’t know if something works for about a month
Ok Give it about a good month
Everybody says if you can stick with something for 30 days
It can turn for some a habit
It can turn into a habit
It can okay
and that’s what I did I try it for 30 days
and then we stepped on the scale
wow i went from like 300 to like 280
wow that was that was an amazing feeling
Yeah, ok
So I’m like ok this is working
Its working
It’s actually working
Thats cool you know
So let’s just keep this going
So we kept going at it
We kept pushing and we kept we Just kept dieting
We kept doing more research on different things we could make
You know you can have cookies
You just have to make them
You have to make them yourself
With certain ingredients
With certain ingredients you can make anything for you for your body
you can make it happen
And you can make the diet work but you just have to do it yourself
And that’s the hard part
But hey if you’re trying to pursue something
Then you make it happen
Ok um
So That was one of your main issues then
Yeah the main issue
That’s one of the biggest struggles
The biggest is sticking to something
but if
common practice if you can stick with something for 30 days straight
it can become more than a habit
more than a hobby
it’s it’s almost a life change a life-changing event
It’s a life changing event
It is a life changing event
and you overcame by finding alternatives
Of foods that met the criteria of this diet
It did
So that’s how you overcame the dietary part
So what inspires you

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