Du Beyond Limits | Goes to Dixon Corn Maze 2018

Du Beyond Limits | Goes to Dixon Corn Maze 2018

Adventures, Adventures, Adventures.
Yes, they happen they are recorded.
Bringing the out and sharing is where we run in to snags.
However, here we are, with delay and all sharing another one of our many adventures.
The Dixon Corn maze.
Yes, We had lots of fun.

Our challenge was to get each of the bridges in the maze and get out. a group snapchat to communicate with other when we got to the checkpoints.
Yes there were occasional runs within the maze.

After all the Maze fun we decided to tryout a place we had never been and had only heard about through our friend Joey.
The elusive:
Green River Brewing & Taproom
A fantastic place where beer flowed out of the walls.
so naturally we had to go there.
Such a wonderful place the Service was great the food was Delicious,
and the Beer was awesome.

Over all this was a great experience, we loved it and we enjoyed ourselves.

As always here is a Video of our adventure.

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