Du Beyond Limits | Goes to Apple Hill (High Hill Ranch)

Du Beyond Limits | Goes to Apple Hill (High Hill Ranch)

Adventure is out there!

Yes it is.

Hello again! We are back with power and ready for more.

Now where do we start off whheewww!
First of all, we had decided to head over to Apple Hill and adventure some, a few days before we went.
But the day came and I was not feeling it.
However, apart from what I was feeling the task had to be done.
The drive was soothing.

And as everyone knows the “IT” spot at apple hill is High Hill Ranch

From mini little cars show that day, to shop arts and crafts, to delicious goodness of apple filled wonder.
Apple donuts, apple beer, apple wine and of course Apple Pie! Yum!

Lets not forget the delicious Apple fritters we enjoyed.
Now that is a Treat for the sweet tooth.

After enjoying the giant fritter, We partook in some apple beer and the ladies the apple wine mix.
And after sight seeing the arts and crafts, We decided to take a less travelled walk to enjoy some wilderness.

Overall, what started as a weird feeling day for me, just turned out to be what I needed.
Food, Friends, Family, Sweets, Beer, and a relaxing walk!

DU Beyond Limits,
Enjoy or footage:

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