Du Beyond Limits | Goes Rock climbing (Rocknasium)

Du Beyond Limits | Goes Rock climbing (Rocknasium)

I love adventure!
This recent adventure took us to:

The Rocknasium in Davis, Ca.

This was one one the most exciting adventures yet. Your life hanging by a rope, yes!
We had lots of fun on this adventure, we took half hour class on the how to, and all the technical stuff. How to not get hurt!
Taught by Zoe here is a pic of the class.

We learned new skills and conquered our fear of heights. Gravity is awesome!
Climbing can be a challenge, it can take some time to adjust in weight balancing between arms and legs, finding the right spaces to have a good foot hold and where to grip with your hands. Definitely a mind and body connection!

This place is awesome we recommend this place to come and explore your limits.
Here is a quick Video of our day, Enjoy!




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