Du Beyond Limits| Goes Hiking

Du Beyond Limits| Goes Hiking

Hello there,
Once again the time has come for our crew adventure update.
There is something so beautiful about nature, have you noticed?
Yes, Breathing fresh air, the sight of trees and streams, the sounds of critters everywhere and the relaxing feel of home in the wilderness.
Home in the wilderness?
Well, kind of. When out in nature I tend to relax and enjoy the Primitive nature of things in front of me. See as we have evolved we tend to think about the future, dwell on past or even think about something that may be happening at the same time but at a different location. So we forget to be present going to nature or a hike may bring you out of this kind of “in your head thinking” and you can become present with questions relating to what you are doing as: Where am I? This is a steep climb. Oh, I can feel my heart accelerating. Why are my legs twitching? and thoughts along this sort.

Ok, So enough about that.
We set en route to Independence Trail east; it’s located north of Nevada City, California. So we set up the Gps and went off. But this device was giving us some off road route. At first it was kind of exciting heading into the wilderness off road but then, we realised we for got to fill the Gas tank before heading down this dubious path. So, we decided to reroute and fill first. Yeah, Pretty fun. So Logistics out of the way, I turns out the trail head was just off of highway 49(easy Access). No off road course here, so vehicle fun off the list.

This is and easy to moderate hike, great for beginners and as a warm-up for seasoned hiking veterans.
Sights and sounds were wonderful. There is usually more water in the cave tunnel but this time we managed to trek it while keeping our feet dry. We had lots of fun on this one.
Check out the footage.

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