Du Beyond Limits does Tough Mudder

Du Beyond Limits does Tough Mudder

I was catching by breath after such an intense workout.
These Crossfit WODS were really hitting the spot.
But would I have the conditioning to get through the Tough Mudder?
Hell yeah!

The anxiety set in, as it was the morning of the event. I was fumbling to get everything I needed stuffed into by backpack, all of any last minute needs: deodorant, extra clothes, the gopro did I forget anything? no. maybe oh well.
We got to hurry we’re gonna be late!
Rushing to get to the location, there was an accident on the highway. “oh great”, I thought now we’re really gonna be late.
All to wasted energy on anxiety, Luckily we got there on time.

Which bring me to a thought.
Was it Fear? Was it anxiety? Was it Frustration? That I was feeling.
All these feelings of worry come to us at many points in our lives, may it be little things or big things. Especially the times when we are to do something we have never done before. The fear of the unknown and impending danger has always been a mechanism of survival for our human species. frustration, worry, anxiety and fear to stop us from impending danger. Key word “stop”
Stagnation, status quo, same and familiar are all the things that have proven to this species is propagation.
But We have forgotten that, that which is not growing is dying.
We must continue growing and evolving as a species in our thinking and our action.

So we made it to the Tough mudder, we all gathered at the meeting point before the start.
And the signal was given and we were of to the start. After receiving instructions from the coach we did a warm up and we began.
The first thing we did was run and run until we got to the first obstacle, and by the I was now warmed up fully.
Kiss of Mud 2.0- low barbed wires over a muddy section, we had to crawl. It seemed to us like the only thing to worry about here was getting dirty and wet so we marched on forward. And on we went obstacle after obstacle racing toward to victory. At some points in the event it was a mental game to get past the initial “before” the obstacle then, when we were in the middle, it took endurance, skill and strength. It seemed we were being tested in all aspects of our fortitude, But all while having fun in the process.
The training had paid of and then some.

Which brings me to the next thought.
Every day you are being tested. Whether it be your wit, attitude, temper and mind or skill, endurance, strength and body or all of the preceding. How will you fair? Will you collapse and buckle under pressure and succumb to the mercy of the decaying nature?
or will you rise up to the challenge? Will you be victorious in adapting and overcoming?
Life will have surprises Good or Bad. Many things can happen, but its how we respond to them is what matters.
And we can have fun in the process.

With out further thought for you today Here is a video clip of the Tough mudder day:

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