DU Beyond Limits| Does the beer Mile Challenge

DU Beyond Limits| Does the beer Mile Challenge

So we like a good challenge.

This time it was “The Beer Mile”. Infamous and incredible. This challenge required physical fitness, also being able to process some amount of alcohol, but where I really had a problem was trying to expand my lungs while trying to hold foaming beer in my stomach.

In deed this was a challenge, as you will see following this article there is a video of this whole event and how it went down. Fun and not fun at the same time. There is something about going beyond our limits we enjoy, at least for me : The evidence I get when I reach a limit is truly a limit not reached by my own making, but physical and actual factual thing limiting me.

The point of these exercises for me is to reach these states or attempt to reach these things knowing fully that I have attempted these challenges even If I may not reach the intended outcome but the action of attempting itself is a Victory.

Remember to DU Beyond Limits, LJ Dimas

Enjoy our fun Challenge:

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