Du Beyond Limits crew|working out shoulders

Du Beyond Limits crew|working out shoulders

It was Thursday afternoon and the Pre-workout was kicking in.

After visiting different gyms around the area and not getting any footage. I decided to have a work out with Brian and actually document the workout.How come I didn’t think of this sooner?

Having had a few opportunities with a few local fitness celebrities, all we had were a couple of pictures with Tony Huge.


There was something cool and frightening about being in a new environment and not knowing where the machines or weights were or who anyone really was, it was kind of awesome. Thriving in the feeling of uncertainty is a step in the right direction in my book. The feeling of familiarity can certainly hinder our growth.

The warm up came quickly as we felt the temperature in our core rise.


Thinking about how many Muscles, tendons and ligaments intersect in the shoulder.

Okay just keeping it simple, to think we have the chest muscle attached to the shoulder joint. Then the Back muscles, and both front and back of you arm Muscles. This is quite a bit of a high traffic zone, at least for me, this reason alone is one to be careful when working on the shoulder muscles or any muscle the interacts directly with the shoulder joint.

I have had my share of injuries and as you can tell, a shoulder injury was one of them.

Feeling over zealous in trying to achieve high numbers in the bench press and the incline bench press at that: Disaster.

A lot of weight on the barbell and the crazy angle from the incline: pop goes the shoulder! Uh oh I thought. oh well continue the set.

Nope, almost immediately a purplish blue bruise started forming around my right shoulder and lift no more, could I.

Three months to recover was awful, no upper body weightlifting.

So with that experience behind me, I knew to feel the muscles contract and stay in tune.

I’m only getting younger! 🙂

That being said please enjoy our workout montage.



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