Du Beyond limits Crew|Working Out Arms

Du Beyond limits Crew|Working Out Arms

In this, of late theme:
We decided to Tryout a workout at an even different gym(Fitness System).
Nice and neutral environment for everyone.

You see we, all have our own Gyms we subscribe to: Brian’s at In-Shape, Aram’s at Fit republic and I have my Home gym set up.
We were all willing to tryout a new environment and new faces,
while having the audacity to bring with us a full camera set up and record ourselves with others witnessing our muscle demise.

The concept of tearing down and building back up stronger has always fascinated me.
Destroy old muscle to build new stronger muscle.
Destroying previously conceived concepts in order to acquire a new and better improved Vision.

Once you start to understand these dynamics, they can be translated into every facet of our lives.
Destroying old ideas, destroying old muscle can be uncomfortable but knowing the outcome of our effort and struggle,
has its inevitable result = growth of New improved muscle and personal growth as and individual.

I have grown fond of this affinity and search for it constantly.
See, I like to consider that there are some people that wait for life to put them in this position of struggle.
While others pursue it in order to grow.
This is where you can have two Feelings at once both pain and pleasure.
The flow state in which time ceases to exist and you are brought into the now. The present task at hand, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not later but RIGHT NOW.

My friends let’s continue to grow together.
Join our same and personal quest to Du Beyond Limits.

Enough of my ramblings enjoy the Workout!

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